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The Holidays are right around the corner and with them come  lights, trees, bows, ornaments and of course stress! What are we supposed to do with it all? Don’t let the stress of decorating overwhelm you and cause you to lose that Christmas spirit! Here are 10 decorating ideas that are creative, easy and will be sure to bring joy to you and your home!

1— Experiment with different  color  schemes      

Decorating is no longer just red and green. Try embracing  different color schemes that are still festive and hold true to the holiday spirit but  are a bit more contemporary and unique.

2— Try an alternative to the classic Christmas tree

Whether you live in a smaller space, are terrible at watering the tree or have rambunctious animals that enjoy playing in the tree a little too much (like mine!)  you may consider a more modern and unique take on the classic tree.


3—Candy Canes aren’t just for the tree.

The candy cane screams Christmas and is one of the most recognizable of symbols for Christmastime. This year don’t only enjoy their minty flavor and hang them from your tree. Put them to good use and hang them above your  windows or from your mantle for a quirky and sweet design.




4—Scatter “presents” around your home.

Ah, yes. The old empty box, beautifully wrapped trick! My mother was (and still is) a huge fan of this holiday hack. This idea is very cost– friendly and super easy. Use leftover boxes and wrapping paper to spread a little Christmas cheer around the house.

5—Christmas on the outside, Christmas on the inside

Most of us never forget to dawn our front doors with a subtle wreath or bright colorful lights but why not give the gift of holiday cheer coming AND going? Try adding a little zest to the inside of your front door this year!front-door

6—Gingerbread Ornaments

We all know that Christmas calls for gingerbread houses and gingerbread men. This year grab some holiday themed cookie cutters, some icing to decorate with, apply some varnish and add some ribbon to your gingerbread. VOILA! You now have super easy, super cute and very unique ornaments for your tree and home.gingerbread-ornaments

7—Silver Bells

Spice up your favorite tray to create a festive holiday centerpiece or coffee table addition by layering garland with an assortment of ornaments.platter

8—Who said stockings were only meant for the fireplace?

For Christmas dinner try placing your family members stockings on their respective seats. Or, consider placing miniature stockings with their names as silverware holders. The possibilities are endless!stocking-holder

9— Get the kids involved.

The holidays are all about family and what better way to get the kids in the Christmas spirit than getting crafty with them? Have your little one’s help out decorating. This fingerprint tree is a great example.fingerprint-tree

10—Turn your Christmas cards into cheerful decoration.

Instead of throwing all of those Christmas cards into a drawer, try placing them around the entry way to the kitchen or the living room. Also, consider making designs with them such as a Christmas tree or snowflake on a wall.doorway