Home    5 New Years Resolutions You Can Stick To That Will Make You More Organized AND Happier

Well, It looks like it’s that time of year again when everyone is jotting down ideas for a list of their resolutions for the brand new year looming ahead of them. As Cliche’ as it sounds the new year offers us all a chance to regroup and start fresh, to try and put our best foot forward. We have all just survived the holidays . Our homes and nerves are sure to reflect it. What better time to tidy up and re-organize than this clean slate?


1. Downsize and Clean

Did you get new earrings, socks or slippers this year as gifts? Consider instituting a one for two rule. For every new item you received, two items have to say bon voyage! Of course I don’t mean literally toss them out into the garbage where they will be lost forever – Donate! Now, let’s move on to all those lovely decorations around the house. I’m sure you have put some new additions up that you will want next year but what about the four boxes filled and unopened you have sitting in your closet? Donate those as well! Lastly, go to your bathroom and check out your toiletry supplies. That collection of travel sized body wash wasn’t always coated in a thick layer of dust and green. Time to say goodbye! Donate such items to a nearby shelter. They are always in need. This is going to be a clean and organized new year, remember? I promise you don’t need them all and if you did they wouldn’t be sitting there shoved to the back of your bathroom cabinet, untouched.


2. Divide It Up and Label Everything

Now that you have downsized you have got some more room. This is the perfect time to put things where they belong and to make designated areas for household items. Life Hack– If you don’t own a label maker I strongly suggest investing in one. They are a dream come true when it comes to organization. Being able to visually see where to put something in its new place makes all the difference.

Example: Write down what is in the box and the category of the item. Let’s use Christmas decorations in this example since most of us are likely taking them down this week. The label on the box should read : Christmas:Ornaments. If you fill more than one box per category put a number on the box and place an asterisk by that number indicating that it is the last box in the category. This will help you to know that you have all of your boxes when it comes time to decorate next year. Ex: Christmas:Ornaments:3* Apply this same method to your whole house beginning with the closets, drawers, cabinets etc.


3. Cleanliness

Clutter is always what makes cleaning so difficult. Now that you have de-cluttered and organized your home, cleaning should be a breeze. The best way to get your home clean and stay clean is to stick to a schedule. Put up a dry erase board for each months schedule. Monday and Friday are laundry nights, Saturday mornings are for cleaning the bathrooms etc. etc. This makes sure that nothing is put on the back burner or forgotten. This method also helps you to not feel overwhelmed with house-hold chores throughout the week. To make it even easier on yourself clean room to room. Anything that doesn’t belong in the room you’re cleaning simply put it back in its designated area (now that you have learned how to do so with Resolution 2) Move all the heavy and mobile stuff like couches and tables into the hallway that way you can get to those hard to reach surfaces like the corners of the living room. Once the floors and tables are clean move on to knick knacks. VOILA! Your room is now instantly clean.


4. Take Good Care Of Yourself

By keeping your home clean and organized you are already on your way to a happier you. When your home is not messy and chaotic  you will feel less stressed and more at ease. Be sure to designate time slots for some you time. Just like when you are cleaning do not cut corners! This time is vital to a happier you. Remember, this new year is going to be all about a healthier, more organized and happier you. Spend this  time doing something extravagant such as a spa day once a week or as simple as a bubble bath on Wednesdays. The choice is totally up to you – JUST DO IT!


5. Be The Best Version Of Yourself Possible

If you can complete and accomplish the previous four ” resolutions ” to a more organized and happy you then this one will take care of itself. However, you can not just go to number 5. All of the resolutions are like building blocks all working together, needing one to get to the other. Close your eyes, get motivated, believe in yourself and take a deep breath. Start with number 1 and go from there. There is no rush to get to the next “resolution” on the list. This process will take time and it is continuous. But I promise you it will pay off for you in this brand new year. Happy Organizing!!