Home    Spring Into Your Work Space

The sun is shining, bees are buzzing, and birds are chirping. These are all tell tell signs that spring is almost in full bloom.  I’m sure these things do not make you jump with joy at the idea of cleaning out your cubicle, but with all the talk of Spring cleaning your home in the air, why not bring some sunshine into your work space by tidying up and clearing out the clutter from both your mind and work area. I have compiled a few simple ways to Spring clean your work space that will help you to focus better, work more efficiently and bring a ray of new life to your daily routine or at the very least make it smell better!! 😉 ( Don’t worry I am not going to tell you to get down on your hands and knees with a tooth brush either because no one has time for that!!)


1- Get Rid Of All The Trash

Over the past 4 months you’ve probably accumulated quite a few items you definitely don’t need lying around at work.

Ex: I currently have two 5 pound weights, an empty box of which used to have Kashi bars in it, and last years planner (among other things) all at the corner of my desk. Am I truly ever going to work out my arms while I am at work? The answer is absolutely not. So they, along with whatever else is unnecessary and not useful for work will be going home with me. That’s just the beginning. Now, sort through that overflowing cup of pens, pencils, and highlighters. Throw out the one’s that don’t work, are too ridden with bite marks for the public eye, and out of lead. Now comes the snack drawer… if it’s been in there since January you probably have no intention of ever consuming said item. Throw it out or donate it to a shelter. Once you have sorted through what to keep and what not to keep transfer the items you’d like to save into an airtight container for easy storage and to maximize space.



2-Clear Out And Organize Your Drawers

When I was little I had a bit of a hoarding problem so cleaning out my drawers was one of the most daunting and stressful of tasks for me. Sorting through an overflowing drawer full of photographs, papers, instructions for toys, notes from friends and old MASH games – things I (mistakenly) thought I’d one day use again was particularly difficult. Now, as a 28 year old adult woman I still have a tendency to hang onto every piece of paper and file that comes across my desk under the guise that I will one day need to refer back to it again. If this sounds like you, start the process by throwing away or shredding anything that clearly is no longer of use or is outdated. Once you have sorted through what not to keep, devise a filing system by clearly labeling file folders and placing them alphabetically and/or numerically in a drawer and stowed away for easy access.



3- Seriously Clean

Wait What? Actually clean your desk area? Yeah, I’m serious. Sure, the floor underneath your desk may get vacuumed every Saturday by the cleaning crew but does that really do the full job? I know- this is the part that you are dreading but once steps 1 and 2 are complete this one is a breeze. The main focus : DUST. So shake it off!! (shake it off!!)  Shake out any crumbs in your keyboard that got there from that granola bar you ate a week ago…or 5 weeks ago. ( a bottle of compressed air will also do the trick). Wipe your computer screen and wipe down your entire desk. I suggest a water-less approach. Try using a dry Swiffer cloth from home and give your work space a once over.


4 – Spice it up

Spring cleaning isn’t all about clearing out all the clutter and dust- it’s also a way to create  a work space that inspires you and promotes productivity. Try hanging a few daily affirmations on your wall or consider picking out some colorful or cool new desk accessories. If you’re like me You might also want to adopt a cute indoor plant for your desktop. I recently brought in an adorable little succulent that requires very little care and looks super cute at the front of my desk. In other words, draw some inspiration from what nature is doing right now to bring the joy of springtime into your work space.



Once the clutter is cleared away and your desk is feeling fresh, breathe in that spring time air, kick back and relax… ERRR, I mean GET BACK TO WORK!!!