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Do you feel like you kill every plant you buy, like you have a complete brown thumb, brutually murdering every innocent plant that comes through your door? Don’t worry, it’s not you, it’s them! No, Really! Many of us will see a plant for sale that we immediately fall in love with and envision in our home( at least that’s what I do ) 😉 then once it’s in it’s new home it becomes sick and presents ugly problems. The chances are that rather than you being a serial plant killer, you  are simply just choosing the wrong one’s for you and your space. When purchasing and deciding on the perfect plants for you and your home remember these few things to cover all your bases, so that your plant friends may live healthy, long and happy lives!

1 – Sunlight

How much sunlight does your space get during the day? This tends to vary from room to room so be sure to know exactly where you will be placing your new plant and take note of how much direct sunlight that particular spot gets. There are a variety of houseplants that require 4-6 hours of sunlight per day to almost no light needed to thrive. For well lit areas opt for plants  such as the Fiddle Leaf Fig, Rubber Leaf Plant, Bird of Paradise, and Cacti. For areas with little to no light (bathrooms, offices etc) opt for plants like the Golden Pothos or Zanzibar Gen. These are basically un-killable plants and do great in low lit conditions.


Bird of Paradise



Zanzibar Gen




2- Temperature

Many houseplants come from naturally humid climates. Unless you live in a particularly humid area/home many of these plants will require a routine daily misting during the summer months and once a week during the winter months. If you have a busy schedule or are prone to forgetting to water your plants then choosing plants that originate from a drier climate is the way to go. Plants such as Succulents, Cacti, And String of Pearls do very well with a consistent monthly/bi-monthly watering schedule and will thrive throughout each season with no problem as long as you are consistent.



String of Pearls





3 – Pets

A huge factor to take into consideration when adopting a new houseplant is whether you have pets or even small/young children. Some indoor plants, despite their obvious beauty can be very toxic and can make your pet or child very sick. The issue for those of you like myself who have a cat(s) is that they have the ability to jump up to plant even if it is hanging higher up or placed out of the way. Certain plants contain a toxic chemical that irritates the mouths and tongues of an animal, can cause vomiting and even death! Be sure to do your due diligence and check into the plant you wish to buy to see if it could be toxic to your pet or child before bringing it home.

Example of Toxic Plants: Jade Plant, Golden Pothos, Split Leaf Philodendron


Split Leaf Philodendron

Jade Plant