Home    Guide to Creating A Bohemian Inspired Home

When I was younger I desperately wanted to be Stevie Nicks. I wanted to wear leather with lace and shawls adorned with long fringes and have wild, long “free as the wind” hair. I also coveted the “gypsy” attitude she embodied – she was truly my bohemian dream.

Defining an interior style as ” Bohemian” (boho) is really attempting to place a label on something that can’t be labeled. This specific style of interior design has elements of shabby chic and eclecticism mixed with a lot of flamboyance that really has nothing to do with current trends. ” Boho ” essentially is reflective of the mind and lifestyle of the person who is embracing it. At its heart however boho is a love of art, color, culture, travel, creativity, the past and above all freedom from convention. If you are looking to adopt a little bohemian  influence into your home you should know that the style is as adverse as the person who creates it. So, the first thing you need to do is to take a very deep down look into your own self and find what it is that inspires you and defines your inner spirit as a person, then try to incorporate those elements into your homes decor. True Bohemians do not follow the opinions of others therefore there should be no trend in the decor. Let it freely flow from your creative energies. Pick and choose things that appeal to your own tastes. Remember, Boho is a state of mind rather than a look — here are a few of my own favorite ways to turn a space into a true creative area and Bohemian would love.


1 – Rugs

Layered textiles and rugs lay the ground work and lend a pretty, bohemian vibe to any space. I personally prefer a solid, shaggier rug with a simple print or geometric design. This enables you to play with color and not be limited to what goes with the rug. However, don’t shy away from beautiful, bold colors in a rug if that’s what you prefer. This is Boho, remember!!






2 – Art

Bohemianism has always been associated with artists, musicians, writers etc. Walls ( in my opinion ) were created and are simply there to hold art. I like to display a variety of different styles and pieces including but certainly not limited to: Paintings, tapestries, woven wall baskets, trinkets etc.


3 – Color

There really is no such thing as the wrong color for a room so choose one’s that speak to you and bring you joy. Remember, the whole Bohemian ideal is to not have uniformity which in turn allows for mixing of fabrics/styles/colors etc. Play with and combine colors of all kinds! I enjoy stark white couches or very brightly colored couches with dark brown resting chairs accented by an assortment of pillows, candle holders, art, throws, blankets… you name it!


4 – Plants

Nothing makes a home more relaxing and natural feeling than live plants. I enjoy large, green plants in white planters placed throughout the home along with several hanging plants held in  macrame holders hanging from the ceiling. This adds a fun, whimsical slightly gypsy-esqu feeling to the home.

(Cat Optional)



5 – Furniture

I like to choose furniture that tells a story. Intriguing old pieces that have some Eastern influence are typically my favorites. I also like to have pieces that have been with me throughout my life, such as an old leather chair.  A home should have some history in it, so tell your own story with a revived piece from the past.


6 – Show it off

If it’s pretty, I don’t like to hide it away. It’s a shame to have a vibrant collection of trinkets/jewelry/treasures hidden away in some dusty drawer or case. If you have unique items, sentimental pieces, or interesting jewelry, display these items so that they will always be seen and continue to bring you joy. This also adds more eclectic art to your space!



Your creative mind will find countless ways to add color, art, plants, and an overall Boho vibe to your home. Remember, the Bohemian philosophy is that life is beautiful, you accept everything as it is, and you are free. In the same way that there will never be another you, you will never see a home quite like yours.

My personal Living Room ( in progress )Cat Optional, again 🙂