Home    Bringing The Beach To Your Home

Do you love the sound of waves crashing against the shore, the smell of salty air, and the oceans warm breeze brushing against your face? ME TOO! As someone who spent 75% of my childhood and adolescence surfing the ocean waves of N.C.’s crystal coast, summertime, for me is the sights and sounds of the beach. It’s the fresh, welcoming, and easy – going feeling that I associate with beach living that I look for in beach inspired decor… oh, and of course a little sprinkled sand. Whether you are coastal or live miles and miles away from the ocean, I have put together a small list that will be sure to bring the beach to you no matter where home is!


1 – Seashells from the Shore

Decorating your home with natural elements is a lovely way to incorporate your surroundings while introducing colors and textures that are native to your location. Seashells are a great way to bring the beach inside. Whether collected and configured, or reproduced and purchased, bringing the essence of the beach indoors is the best way to decorate your seaside inspired home. Try adding a few shells to the bathroom sinks, or making seashell terrariums with sand along the bottoms. The possibilities are endless!




2 – Color is Crucial

Choosing the right colors for your walls and decor will immediately help transform your home and give it the feeling of a relaxed coastal environment. The ocean, sky, and sand provide great inspiration for a beach-y color palette. Think neutrals like weathered driftwood, grays, and warm soft sands. Crisp whites like a sailboat canvas and sand dollars. Muted greens like the sound side marsh and sea glass. Watery blues/aquas like the ocean itself, and deep navy/steel grays like the clouds over the choppy ocean right before a storm.




3 – Let the Light in

Coastal decor is meant to celebrate the sunlight and beautiful vistas. In my experience, beach homes have a multitude of windows allowing natural light to be the main source of illumination in the home. Keep window treatments simple, light, airy, and rarely closed. Think about it, have you ever walked into a beach house that was dark and gloomy? I certainly hope not and if so I am so sorry!! If you are dreaming of a beach oasis but live hundreds of miles inland, remember to keep your drapes open to soak up the sunlight!


4 – Casual and Natural Furnishings

Typically, beach furniture and decor is anything but stuffy. It should be comfortable and easy to realx in, but this does not mean you must sacrifice style. Choose natural fibers such as rattan or sea grass for chairs, knotted wool for floor coverings, and linen, cotton, or suede  in sandy shades for couches. These work very well and are practical ( especially if this home is at the beach as these fabrics tend to repel sand instead of soak it up ) .Remember to keep linens light, crisp and clean. Bring in hand paint and/or distressed accent pieces, such as tables to round out the look.




5 – Accessorize with Treasure

Accessorizing is my all time favorite part of decorating! It’s the fun part where you can really express yourself. Adding beach inspired accessories and art is where you get to display your family’s memories, keepsakes, and personal treasures. Beach themed accessories can be things such as sea life, shells, sand, sea fans, coral, driftwood, sand dollars, mermaid themes ( my favorite ) etc. Look for nautical or sea themed prints on throw pillows, coasters, dishes, cook ware, artwork etc. This is the area where you can add expressive and eccentric touches. An easy option for beach-y art is to sort out all the seashells you have collected over time by color and size, and glue them onto a matted canvas. This creates your very own shell art sure to bring the magic of the ocean to your home. 🙂