Anne Sherron

I'm a powerful mix of moxie, drive, caring, focus, experience and passion. My dogged determination is matched only by my nurturing compassion. I make things happen. I care.
The Journey
A native North Carolinian, I have lived all over this wonderful state - from the mountains to the coast, from the Sandhills to the North Carolina/Virginia lakes. I've been a Wake County resident since 1977 and I dearly love calling Raleigh home.
The Specifics
It is one thing to love houses, but it is another thing entirely to master the skills required to make it in Real Estate. The top three elements that are the keys to my success would have to be:
1. My extraordinary ability to research. My investigation skills are second to none, bordering on fanatical. The role of a Realtor is to curate information available from all sources and then advise accordingly. My buyers make informed decisions because I dig up the dirt, get the details right, and arm them with knowledge they couldn't have acquired on their own.
2. I'm a born fixer. There are over a dozen people involved in every transaction and I'm the glue that holds it all together. I work well with the agent on the other side, yet I'm a ruthless negotiator. I'm the agent who will get in the car and drive to someone's office if I can't get them on the phone. Whatever it takes, I don't stop until my client's needs are met.
3. I know schools. I spent 12 years as a volunteer on two Wake County Public School System committees dealing with student assignment. I'm THE local expert on schools and whether you've got kids or not, knowledge of how education works in a community is a big asset when deciding where to buy.
The Destination
I've poured my heart and soul into Real Estate and I continue to make myself a student of the profession every day. I learn about it because I care about it. I love it. Every client I help feels that commitment and we take the journey to home ownership together.

#1 Buyer Agent 2015, 2016
100% CLUB 2016, 2017, 2018
New Agent Trainer/Mentor

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